Bamboo Utensil Set by TruSelf Organics

Regular price $13.00

What's Included:

· Adorable and Durable Bamboo Mixing Bowl

· Bamboo Measuring Spoon

· Bamboo Brush (Applicator)


You’ve got your powder Detox Mask, so now what? It’s time to mix things up, and our lovely Bamboo Utensil Set is the perfect way to ensure the ultimate pamper session...without the mess, without the hassle.

Let’s be real here: DIY things can get out of hand, and you deserve a cute and functional set of tools to make your at-home spa night clean and simple.

Our Bamboo Utensil Set comes with a perfectly sized mixing bowl, a flawless little measuring/mixing spoon, and a long-lasting bamboo brush (that you’ll want to rub all over your face ‘cause it’s THAT soft).