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OmStars is real, watchable, entertaining, enlightening, authentic, life-changing content made for yogis by yogis. We like to think ourselves as “Netflix for Yogis”. Whether you are a total yoga beginner, someone looking for healing from chronic pain, searching for mindfulness and meditation to soothe a busy mind, or trying to master a handstand, we will be with you every step of the way.

You’ll discover a sense of the sacred and re-open the doors of reverence in your life. Yoga is a spiritual tradition with profound depth one your experience on OmStars is curated by the best teachers in the world. Each class is part of a larger course designed by a select group of the leaders in spirituality and mindfulness.

Join OmStars when you are ready live the yogi life with us, inspire yourself and have a friend in yoga. We are creating a global family of yogis dedicated to the discovery of the true light. Experience how much progress you’re making with our innovative practice tracker - celebrate the time you spend with your practice. Keep going and keep transforming with ongoing new content every month. Get rewards for logging more practice hours, and once you accrue enough rewards, redeem your vouchers in the store or donate to charities.

For every 6 month & 1 year subscription purchase you will receive a free OmStars Yoga Tank !