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The SILVER BALANCE Wrist Mala in EXPRESSION is designed for wearing your intention out into the world.

This silver bracelet cues the energy of the 5th Chakra, EXPRESSION, to remind you of your intention to be yourself and speak your truth.

These bracelets are made of Grey Agate, Aquamarine and Pyrite.

  • Grey Agate is believed to balance body and mind and enhance memory and thought process.
  • Aquamarine is said to assist in the clear communication of our highest truth.
  • Pyrite is believed to invite prosperity, abundance and success.

Our signature ŌM bead is made of solid sterling silver, and reminds you of infinite possibility.

Wear this piece by itself, or stack it with our other wrist malas.

All Modern ŌM bracelets include short descriptions of the materials used in their making and come in our signature gift box, making them perfect for gifting.