Liforme Collection

Yoga Mat

The original Liforme Yoga Mat features the incredible GripForMe material, staying grippy even when ’sweaty-wet’. Planet friendly and body-kind, it features our unique AlignForMe system of practical alignment lines, intelligently guiding Yogis of all shapes and sizes. The mat is longer and wider giving Yogis the space they crave, with perfect balance between firm stability and comfortable cushioning.


Travel Mats

For the Yogi on the go, the Liforme Travel Mat is the thinner and lighter version of the Liforme Yoga Mat. Featurin all the same benefits to provide the best foundation for your practice but with added portability.  




Love Mats

The Special Edition Liforme Love Mats feature a unique embellishment of our popular AlignForMe design, setting the love-lotus at the center of your practice. Available in both the lightweight Liforme Love Travel Mat as well as the regular Liforme Love Mat.


Evolve Mat

The Liforme Evolve Mat has all the same features you love from the Liforme Yoga Mat with amazing grip and cushioning but has a pared-back and refined alignment system for those who like things just a bit simpler. 




Yoga Pad

The ‘little brother’ of the Liforme Yoga Mat, this mini mat can easily fit into even a small bag. A handy prop to give you the comfort, stability, and grip you need, even when you can’t take your Liforme Yoga Mat or Liforme Travel Mat around with you 




The bright ‘Grateful Pink’ Yoga Mat, also available in our popular Grey, features our usual unrivaled grip and a new embellished etching design inspired by the theme of ‘Gratitude’ consisting of prayer hands and blossoming lotus flowers at the center of the alignment guide.




The vibrant orange 'Liforme Happiness Mat' features a sunshine mandala at the center of the mat, and our reverse points have been transformed into bluebirds of happiness flying around the sun. This bright new color & beautiful etching design create the perfect space to bring more happiness into your daily practice.




 The special edition Liforme Zodiac Yoga Mats were created to celebrate Chinese New Year through 2019 with the ‘Year of the Pig’ Yoga Mat and 2018 with the ‘Year of the Dog’ Yoga Mat. These red mats represent good fortune and feature unique embellished etching designs inspired by Zodiac Animals.