Practice Yoga, Earn Rewards

Omstars holds a unique system to help drive your yoga practice and keep you accountable. We will track your practice minutes, like air miles, so you can use them to reward yourself in our online store or to help change the world by donating them to charity.

Earn one point for every 15 minutes of practice or study at For every 144 points you accumulate you will earn $1 redeemable in our shop.  At the end of the month, once you accumulate $25 or more we will send you a coupon code of your earned points redeemable here in our online store.  


We will have special offers and promotions for different levels of users each month!  The more you practice the more you earn!

Subscriber Levels:

0-864 points = Gamma user

864-1152 points = Delta user

1153 - 1729 points = Beta user

1728 + points = Alpha User