Balanced Girl by Girl 108

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Gray crackle agate and faceted yellow calcite are hand knotted on yellow silk cord.  The Mala ends with a Citrine nugget and golden tassel.

  • Bead size 6mm
  • Length 32”

The Balanced Girl

This girl is paving her own path in life. She is constantly learning new things and living her life in the moment. She is able to enjoy many passions because she is secure in her life and knows what she can and cannot handle. She radiates positivity and is always sharing her knowledge wherever she goes.


Agate is a strengthening and stabilizing stone that brings balance into ones life. It has calming and elevating energies that help to uplift you in your day-to-day life. It brings peace and positivity and will keep you feeling empowered. 


Calcite symbolizes cleansing and is helpful when making a big change in your life and starting fresh. Calcite also symbolizes commitment, which goes hand in hand when something new comes into your life. It is used to help cleanse the mind and enhance learning abilities, allowing you to absorb new information.