Flower Sutra/Denim Reversible Bra by Daughters of Culture

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You didn’t come into this world to do what you already thought you could do. You came here to do the things you thought you couldn’t do. Yoga poses that defy gravity. Business ventures that people said can’t be done. Becoming a professional athlete when we are told we are past our prime or have just had a baby. There are a million reasons that outside forces tell us no. But we, as sisters, as Daughters of Culture, are here on this earth to celebrate life. We were born for this, to realize our infinite potential!

Our stunning new Infinity Bra is a reminder that life is without limits. We all deserve to have our biggest dreams come true! The endless pattern of the circle of life running down your back reflects your boundless capacity to achieve whatever you want as a woman of the world. Our head-turning Bra in our signature extraordinary patterns sends a message about the unstoppable. You can, and you will!

We dream too big? Maybe it’s just that they think too small.

  • 82% Nylon/ 18% Spandex
  • Dry Wicking *Anti Microbial *4-Way Stretch
  • Offered in a one size that stretches from a 32"-38"
  • Flexible straps at the back to adjust size & fit.
  • Does not have padding, wiring or cups. We believe in highlighting the natural shape of a woman's body.