Sahara Clay Prayer Gown by Daughters of Culture

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Wing sleeve dress has graceful lines in a flowing, maxi-dress style. Extremely wide bottom hem allows for ample whirling dervish movement! Super soft 100% viscose fabric is just the right weight for temperate weather.

One-size-fits-all. Fits from a 0-12. Ships 2 weeks from when order placed.

Whirl your way to serenity in our new Prayer Gown! Lots of long, flowing fabric is perfect for Sufi-style swirling prayer. Or, just dance your way into deep meditation. Dress it up with a fancy handbag & cute heels or rock a casual look with a long, flowing sweater or kimono. Try layering tights underneath for snowy or colder weather. Also a fantastic cover up rolled up next to your mat for exiting a hot yoga room into the AC.

Rustic Sahara Clay print is full of rose, adobe and blue undertones to warm up any outfit and your soul! This African-inspired print will have you dancing to the beat of your own drum anywhere and everywhere.

Each piece is cut & sewn to order. Item ships 2 weeks from when order is placed. Namaste in advance for your patience in receiving!

Hand wash only—delicate fabric. Roll it up & stow it in your overnight bag for all your impromptu adventures!

·    Proudly produced in Los Angeles, California.

·    100% textured Viscose fabric

·    Hand wash cold; hang dry on hanger.