Tiny Gemstone Stacking Bracelets by Omisha Designs ( Silver Set )

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These bracelets are part of The Kino Mala Collection, made for and inspired by certified Ashtanga master instructor and practitioner, Kino MacGregor.

The Kino Mala Collection is the perfect combination of inner and outer beauty. The color and gemstone combinations are inspired by Kino's spiritual journey, the brilliant colors of Miami Beach and her worldwide travels. Each piece is handmade to order with one-of-a-kind beads, so there will always be a natural variation from the image shown.

In this stack, you may choose from 
Tiny faceted Blue Lace Agate with a Sterling Silver Peace Sign cut-out
Faceted Green Aventurine with a tiny Sterling Silver Tree of Life
Faceted Tourmaline with a Sterling Silver OM 
Faceted Sodalite with a Sterling Silver Plum Blossom
Beads are 4mm and strung on stretch beading cord.