Yoga Pro Plus Wheel

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The Pro Plus is a patent pending versatile fitness tool that can be used to gain flexibility, strength, enhance your yoga practice, and overall spinal health. This amazing new product includes 2 yoga wedges that can be used to stabilize the wheel or used in your yoga practice to keep proper alignment for difficult poses. The Pro Plus also includes a myofascial bar which can be used in any of the holes to help open and align the shoulders, work core muscles or used separately as myofascial massage. Committing to a daily routine on the Pro Plus will help relieve muscle tension, build core strength, and provide relief from minor back aches & joint stiffness.

Included With Your Purchase of the Pro Plus:

Yoga Pro Wheel ($79.00 value)

Yoga Pro Plus Insert ($40.00 value)

2 Yoga Wedges ($25.00 value)

1 Myofascial Release Bar ($35.00 value)

This product is for ALL LEVELS of fitness.

Dimensions 12" diameter by 5.75 inches wide


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